Information Systems Services

IPI is capable in the following areas of software and applications integration functions as well as can supply Computer/Server/Networking Hardware and the off the shelf software:

Healthcare Information Systems Integration

IPI offers and implements following healthcare package for all healthcare organizations:

  1. LinkUSAdoctor - Records Management System
  2. LinkUSAdoctor - Information Management Services: System Integration; Network Solutions; Internet and Intranet Hosting
  3. LinkUSAdoctor - Medical Records Tracking: Demographics, Transcription, Lab Test Orders, Medical History, Insurance
  4. LinkUSAdoctor - Internet-based Products and Services
  5. LinkUSAdoctor - Contact Manager: Patient Registration, Patient Tracking, Patient Scheduling (inpatient/outpatient)
  6. e-Billing: Billing capabilities, Insurance, Claims Processing
  7. LinkUSAdoctor - Assesment Manager: Executive Information and Decision System
  8. LinkUSAdoctor - Clinical Manager: Critical and Ambulatory Services including clinical design outcome analysis
  9. LinkUSAdoctor - Application Integrator
  10. LinkUSAdoctor - Wireless Prescriptions System

IPI can customize to the client's needs and requirements.

Rural Healthcare

The following questions regarding rural healthcare are addressed in detail by IPI:

  1. What is the problem with Rural HealthCare facility (RHO)?
  2. Why do small rural hospitals need technical assistance?
  3. What are the unique characters and functions of RHC?
  4. Can IPI provide Rural Health Support Structure - Infrastructure examples?
  5. Can IPI explain Concept Overview for Rural HealthCare?

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