Prospective Clients

IPI offers services for a wide array of industries. IPI goes through the following processes and adjusts them as per the industry standards and the client's needs to implement quality systems.

How you become an IPI Client:

  1. Intake Assessment (IA)
    An IPI consultant will contact an interested client to administer an intake assessment (IA). The IA will serve as the preliminary step in initiating client contact. IA can be administered online or telephonically. The client will choose the method of contact.

  2. Situation Report (SR)
    Once the IA has been completed and reviewed by the reviewer it will be sent to an IPI business analyst (BA). The BA will create a report based on the IA and client's need. The report will present the client's present situation, problem(s), and the recommended solution(s). The report will be sent to a business developer (BD).

  3. Business Developer (BD)
    BD serves as a liaison on behalf of the client and IPI. The BD will present the SR to the client and answer all related questions.

    Once you and the BD have met, you will determine the level of engagement for IPI services and solutions. Once the engagement has been determined, the process will move forward to an Engagement Manager (EM).

  4. Engagement Manager (EM)
    The EM will meet with the client and the BD to determine the client's budget(s) for the allotted project(s), timeline and requirements. During this meeting the client is encouraged to ask questions and pin point their project requirements to the EM.

IPI does not have a set fee for consulting services and or solutions. We charge for our actual expenses and hard costs associated with the project(s).

The client will determine the budget for any given engagement exclusive of actual expenses and hard costs. (An engagement is defined as one project cycle and or one process, one solution, one product)

Once the client budget has been established and signed off on all deliverables, the EM will assign the project into a "workflow" basket for the appropriate client team(s).

The BD will be responsible for all client relationship management and project updates.

A Typical Engagement Life Cycle

IPI works with you from start to finish. We do not leave our clients after delivery. We maintain our relationship and provide ongoing support and advice. All clients are given timely updates on their projects. At IPI we strive to excel in quality and customer relationship management.

To get in contact with IPI, please register, or log in if you are already a member, and then submit a contact form from the members page.